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Atle Høie: Welcome to Global Worker (#2-2021)

20 December, 2021When this issue of the Global Worker is published, the military has ruled Myanmar with an iron fist for nearly eleven months. 

Welcome to Global Worker No. 2 November 2021

At IndustriALL’s 3rd Congress in September, affiliates voted unanimously to support the campaign of comprehensive economic sanctions organized by the Myanmar Labor Alliance against the military junta. The campaign calls for disinvestment from the country, and for all companies operating there to cease operations and place no new orders. Read the feature on why IndustriALL supports sanctions in Myanmar. 

The Covid-pandemic is continuing, even picking up speed in some parts of the world. With the pandemic we have seen an increase in violations of workers’ rights, but unions are tirelessly fighting back. In this issue you can read about our affiliates in Nicaragua and Eswatini who relentlessly defend their members and fight for a better future. 

Morocco’s union movement plays a central social role, with IndustriALL’s affiliates playing key roles in improving working conditions. Read about building union power in challenging circumstances

Organizing in India’s shipbreaking industry has significantly improved conditions for the workers, but a lot remains to be done to protect shipbreakers in Bangladesh and Pakistan. The Hong Kong Convention for safe recycling of ships is crucial going forward, so what will it take for the Convention to come into force? 

In the interview in this issue, we talk to Daniela Cavallo, president of the European and World Group Works Councils at Volkswagen, the world’s largest automotive manufacturer with more than 600,000 employees around the globe. The auto industry is going through a transformation which means changes in the work, leading to potential job losses due to digitalization and technological changes, but also to opportunities of new jobs in new areas. How is the union securing workers’ rights? 

Climate change and a Just Transition for workers are key parts of our agenda – we want a seat at the table. Nothing about us, without us, was the slogan of the union delegation attending this year’s climate conference in Glasgow, UK. So, what happened at COP26? And what does it mean for our unions and members? 

2021 is coming to an end, and already 2022 looks like it will hold its shares of challenges for workers. But another world is possible and necessary. IndustriALL adopted a new action plan at Congress, focusing on global union solidarity and cooperation for peace, democracy and rights. Our mission is to secure social justice, equality and equity, with a decent standard of living for all. 

When we come together, we win.  

Atle Høie

General secretary