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Atle Høie: Welcome to Global Worker (#2 2022)

15 December, 2022Most of us can feel the consequences of climate change and also the urgency for a Just Transition. Labour delegations at COP27 in Egypt were fighting to ensure that workers are at the table when Just Transition is discussed. For us it’s about how we get from the jobs we have today to the jobs we will have tomorrow. 

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From Global Worker No 2 November 2022

Welcome: from general secretary Atle Høie

If we push for a Just Transition, we will have a Just Transition. This issue’s Report focuses on how the energy crisis may provide unions with an opportunity to achieve a Just Transition sooner.

The debate on human rights due diligence is gaining momentum on both national and international levels. The shocking rise in rights violations makes mandatory due diligence a top priority for trade unions. The Special report focuses on how workers’ rights along the supply chain are safeguarded.

The world is changing, and the Union profile on Los Mineros in Mexico shows tells of as the union celebrates its 88th anniversary, labour law reform is being phased in across the country, slowly changing the so-called employer protection contracts.   

In the Interview, Swasthika Arulingam, president of CIWU in Sri Lanka, talks of the importance of young, women leaders in unions and the challenges she faces in her role. She also talks of the current economic crisis in her country, which is diluting labour laws, eliminating social protection, paying starvation wages, and busting unions, and how the unions are fighting back. 

It's been more than nine months since Russia invaded Ukraine. In the Union profile, you can read about howthe Nuclear Power and Industry Workers of Ukraine works to maintain union activities for members during the war, in a shrinking space as their members are losing their jobs. 

We are nearly at the end of 2022.  A lot of important and good work has been done during the year in every corner of the world. As trade unions, we must continue standing up for our members and guide them through a Just Transition, along the supply chains and relentlessly promoting global solidarity. But first you will hopefully be able to enjoy some time with your loved ones. I wish you a wonderful end of 2022.