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Brazilian metalworkers sign agreement with TK Elevator

28 July, 2022Metalworkers' unions in Brazil signed a national agreement with TK Elevator that establishes that, employeesof the company, throughout the country will be able to receive Profit Sharing (PLR) fairly distributed.

The text determines that metalworkers at TK Elevator's 13 factories will receive the same amount of PLR, regardless of the state or region of Brazil where they are located.   

"Having a national PLR agreement is good to avoid disparity between workers in the same company. TK Elevator has many branches in several states, and although some sell more, the agreement unifies this same resource for all"  

explained Taise Gonçalves Almeida, the coordinator of the workers' network at the Guaiba plant in Rio Grande do Sul.

The unions affiliated to the National Confederation of Metalworkers of the CUT (CNM/CUT, affiliated to IndustriALL Global Union) held an assembly where they voted and approved the final proposal. It established that the value of the PLR will be R$ 2,800 + 50% of the nominal salary, if the stipulated goals are reached.

The interim president of CNM/CUT, Loricardo de Oliveira, stated that the agreement helps to distribute income and guarantee equality in working conditions nationwide.

"National collective bargaining agreements, which guarantee equality among workers of the same company in the most diverse plants, are a priority for a better distribution of income. Therefore, collective bargaining agreements, such as those of TK Elevators, are fundamental to guarantee equality of conditions for workers in the same company and is a priority of the CNM/CUT."

added Oliveira, he emphasized that the workers demonstrated that, with good faith negotiations, mobilizations and unified work, it is possible to achieve a better future for all.

ThyssenKrupp's elevator business recently transformed into an independent group of companies called TK Elevator. IndustriALL signed a Global Framework Agreement (GFA) with the TK Elevator business in 2021, to update the agreement it used to have since 2015 with thyssenkrupp. As in the previous agreement, the core labor standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO) formed the basis for the text of the GFA.

IndustriALL deputy regional secretary Cristian Alejandro Valerio said:    

"I congratulate the comrades of the network for signing this national agreement this is a great achievement for the company's workers throughout the country.

This achievement is another example of how important it is to be able to form global, regional and national networks of workers from different plants of the same transnational comapny, whether from different trade union organizations or from the same confederation, as in this case here. This allows them to connect with each other and coordinate actions that provide them with greater strength when negotiating with the company."