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New report on Just Transition in the energy sector

24 November, 2022The Just Transition initiative in the energy sector has released its report after a first year of activities. The conclusions and recommendations aim to better prepare unions and to take concrete steps to ensure a Just Transition for workers in the sector.

Report: Just Transition in the energy sector

“The report is based on the initiative on Just Transition in the energy sector. We want the world to know about the conclusions and recommendations after months of organizing workshops on new technologies and how they will affect workers in the energy sector,” said Diana Junquera Curiel, IndustriALL energy director.

“Governments are setting net zero targets, but unions are not involved. Workers need to know what is going to happen to their jobs. Everyone in our movement knows what Just Transition is, they know it is happening and if we don’t plan for it then it is going to happen without us,”

says Samantha Smith ITUC Just Transition center director.

“Our members tell us that they want to share experiences and information. Unions have been discussing this at large and have found common ground. Experiences of social dialogue varies from country to country, but the outcome clearly shows that Just transition is only possible with social dialogue and a well-organized workforce,”

says Anne- Beth Skrøde, LO Norway special advisor.

Ten meetings with experts, energy unions and national confederations were held between April and October 2022, focusing on what net zero means for energy sector jobs. Participants came together from all over the world to exchange information on emerging technologies, what the transition looks like in different parts of the world, as well as union strategies for ensuring good jobs and a Just Transition.

Technology and country workshops in 2022: