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25 May, 2012A Global Framework Agreement (GFA) for the German-based company Rheinmetall, at that time covering 25,000 employees at more than 20 production facilities around the world, was signed in October 2003.

The agreement acknowledges the company's social responsibility and its support of and compliance with the ILO Core Labour Standards.

The GFA stipulates that ILO Conventions No. 87 (Freedom of Association) and No. 98 (Right to Collective Bargaining) will be respected. Moreover, the GFA deals with prohibition of child work and forced labour and non-discrimination, as well as remuneration, health and safety and working time.

According to the agreement, the company "supports and expressly encourages" its contractors to take this declaration into account in their own respective corporate policy. Rheinmetall "views this as an advantageous basis for mutual relationships".

Rheinmetall produces automotive components, weapons equipment and electronics.