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Yves Rocher workers stand strong after 200 days of resistance

30 November, 2018As winter approaches, workers mark day 200 of their picket at the Yves Rocher-owned Flormar factory in Gebze, Turkey.

Fired Yves Rocher workers take their case to Geneva and Paris

20 September, 2018A delegation of trade unionists and workers dismissed from Yves Rocher’s Flormar factory in Turkey visited the ILO in Geneva and the company office in Paris.

Turkey: “Don't touch my picket line”, say dismissed Yves Rocher workers

9 August, 2018On 6 August, on the 84th day of a picket outside the gates of the factory of Flormar, the Turkish subsidiary of French-based cosmetic giant Yves Rocher, security forces intervened in an attempt to end the resistance of 132 dismissed workers.

Resistance is beautiful!

26 July, 2018More than 130 Yves Rocher workers in Turkey were fired for joining the Petrol-İş Sendikası union. They produce cosmetics for the Flormar brand, which is owned by French the multinational. This film tells their story.

Yves Rocher needs to reinstate sacked workers

28 June, 2018French cosmetics giant Yves Rocher has still done nothing to fix the major violation of its factory management in Turkey. The 124 workers sacked for joining a union are still picketing outside the plant, demanding their jobs back.

French cosmetics brand Yves Rocher dismisses 100+ union members

24 May, 2018Since April, Yves Rocher has dismissed a total of 115 workers at their Turkish subsidiary Kosan Kozmetik Pazarlama ve Ticaret AS for exercising their fundamental right to join a union.

French cosmetics brand Yves Rocher dismisses union members

18 May, 2018UPDATE 18 May: YVES ROCHER DISMISSES 115 UNION MEMBERS. Since the publication of the article on the 16th of May, the situation in Turkey has gravely deteriorated. The local management of Yves Rocher continues to dismiss union members. As of 18 May, the number of dismissed workers has reached 115.