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Organizing white-collar workers

10 February, 2015The IndustriALL Non-Manual Group met on 10 and 11 December 2014 near São Paulo at CNM-CUT headquarters to work on the issue of organizing non-manual and white-collar workers.

Present in the office – yes or no?

8 December, 2014Microsoft recently abolished the requirement that staff be present at the office. The possibility of working in the home office is being offered more and more by German companies too. But how efficient is working at home?

UNI Holds Professionals and Managers’ Conference

14 March, 2014On 10 and 11 March UNI organized a conference for professionals and managers (P & M) in Nyon, Switzerland. The situation still prevails that the resistance against organizing P & M’s has to be overcome. In the future most working people will not necessarily be managers but certainly professionals. If we want to continue to have unions in the future, we will need P & M’s. We must be able to organize P & M’s. There is no difference between UNI and IndustriALL in this area. In the meantime the limits between services and industry are no longer very clear-cut.

Engineers and IT workers meet at IG Metall

4 October, 2013IG Metall organized its 5th Engineers and IT meeting from 24 to 26 September in Berlin. Some 300 people attended it. The theme of the conference was Cooperation.

Belgium ends historic discrimination between white and blue-collar workers

11 July, 2013The Constitutional Court in Belgium has decreed that the status of blue and white-collar workers need to be harmonized, urging the government to eliminate the discrimination between the two types of workers.

Argentina: metalworking supervisors on state of alert

10 July, 2013The Asociación de Supervisores de la Industria Metalmecánica (ASIMRA), affiliated to IndustriALL, has put its members on a state of alert in response to the employers’ refusal to discuss changes to the job classification categories set out in the current collective agreement.

Finnish union campaigns relentlessly against unpaid overtime

6 June, 2013In the past few months, in March and April 2013, the Finnish union TEK has been campaigning very innovatively against unpaid overtime.

Contract and agency labour: even engineers earn less

9 April, 2013Even highly qualified people in technical jobs are employed as contract workers and assigned to other companies. Often they earn up to one-fifth less than permanent employees.

32,000 Indian steel workers organized since 2010

14 March, 2013Through IndustriALL Global Union’s organizing project known as “More members, fewer unions” two Indian affiliates, the INMF and SMEFI, organized over 32,000 new members between 2010 and 2012.

IndustriALL Europe holds white-collar meeting in Paris

11 March, 2013IndustriAll Europe organized the special working party for the white-collar group on 28 February in Paris, hosted by CFE-CGC. It was attended by unions from Sweden, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Denmark and Norway.