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Turkish mine and energy workers march against privatization

17 October, 2013Members of IndustriALL Global Union’s Turkish affiliates Maden-Is (Mineworkers’ Union) and Tes-Is (Energy, Gas and Water Workers’ Union) organized a long march from the Aegean region to the capital Ankara. The march was a demonstration against the privatization of lignite mines and thermic power stations.


4 October, 2012IndustriALL affiliate actions to STOP Precarious Work

Turkish Parliament adopts new anti-union legislation

25 October, 2012IndustriALL Global Union joins with the international labour movement in calling for a Presidential veto on anti-union legislation passed by the Turkish Parliament on 18 October.

Global unions mobilizing to stop Crown Holdings from exporting union busting

7 March, 2014At a February 25th meeting held in Geneva and organized by IndustriALL, unions representing employees of Crown Holdings from seven countries shared experiences about labour relations at Crown Holdings.

Turkish glass strike ban taken to ILO with official complaint

23 July, 2014Glass workers union in Turkey, Kristal-İş, has lodged an official complaint against the Turkish government at the ILO, for violation of freedom of association, the right to collective bargaining, and the right to strike.

Unions call for elimination of gender-based violence

28 November, 2014On 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, IndustriALL Global Union affiliates from Colombia, South Africa, Turkey and many others called for the elimination of gender-based violence.

Soma mine was death trap, report shows

2 October, 2014A scathing official report into the Soma mining disaster in Turkey has revealed a catalogue of negligent practices and a complete disregard for worker safety. The comprehensive analysis shows warning sensors were ignored, safety reports fabricated and ventilation systems faulty. Three hundred and one miners were killed in the tragedy in May.

Turkey: Fired for wanting to form a union

16 November, 2016Seven workers were dismissed on 13 November after trying to form a union at Günsan Elektrik, owned by Schneider Electric, in Turkey.

IndustriALL condemns brutal terror attack on Turkish peace march

12 October, 2015Outrage, protest and mourning in Turkey after around 100 people are killed, and hundreds are injured in two suicide bomb attacks on a rally called by trade unions and civil society organizations in capital city Ankara on 10 October.

Mulberry must act now at Turkish supplier

9 July, 2015IndustriALL Global Union is calling on luxury goods brand, Mulberry, to intervene at an escalating labour dispute at its Turkish supplier, SF Leather. Sign the LabourStart campaign and write to both companies.