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IndustriALL in Myanmar

6 August, 2015For decades there were no functioning industrial relations in Myanmar, no trade unions and no collective bargaining. As the country is opening up and welcoming international business, trade unions are working hard to achieve a living wage for members.

Historic official registration of CTUM union in Myanmar

23 July, 2015IndustriALL Global Union celebrates the historic awarding of the trade union registration certificate to the Confederation of Trade Unions in Myanmar, today 23 July.

Myanmar mining unions set safety goal

15 July, 2015Mining unions in Myanmar have resolved to set up health and safety committees at every mining operation in the country, following a joint IndustriALL Global Union workshop on 10 to 12 July in the city of Monywa, Sagaing. 

Myanmar unions win first minimum wage

2 July, 2015Three years after unions were made legal in Myanmar, their fight for a minimum wage delivered a victory on 29 June. The country’s first-ever minimum wage of 3,600 kyatts per day is equal to US$3.2.

Red armbands for wage increases in Myanmar

1 June, 2015Using red armbands as a powerful symbol, workers in Myanmar have succeeded in achieving pay rises without stopping production.   

IndustriALL’s new issue of Global Worker out now

19 May, 2015IndustriALL’s fifth edition of Global Worker is out now with a fresh new look. The magazine includes a new set of features, interviews and profiles on a range of different topics from a workers’ perspective.

PROFILE: Myanmar the new union frontier

18 May, 2015As of January 2015, IndustriALL counts two trade unions from Myanmar among its members. In a country where unions have only been legal since 2012, organizing and training are crucial in building worker power.

Myanmar: union helps solve strike in garment factory

21 April, 2015Striking garment workers in Myanmar have agreed to go back to work after IndustriALL affiliate IWFM helped mediate a solution which resulted in a nearly 30 per cent pay increase.

Passion for better lives in Myanmar

31 March, 2015After fifty years of military rule, Myanmar is taking steps towards becoming a democracy and a new industrial tiger. Workers are impatient in their desire for a better life, and they know they need unions for creating a durable change.

Building trade unions in Myanmar

31 March, 2015Hear Maung Maung, president of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Myanmar (CTUM), talk about the challenges of building well functioning industrial relations in Myanmar.