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French court orders Saint-Gobain to pay compensation to Oise workers

12 June, 2019The labour court of Compiegne, France issued a verdict on 3 June ordering Saint-Gobain to compensate 130 employees of its specialized glass manufacturing and processing factory in Thourotte in the department of Oise.

Brazil Supreme Court bans asbestos use and sale

18 December, 2017Workers in Brazil have won a major victory: the Supreme Court of Brazil has banned the use and sale of asbestos.

Rotterdam Convention discredited as chrysotile asbestos fails to be listed

3 May, 2017The Rotterdam Convention has been utterly discredited, says IndustriALL Global Union as chrysotile asbestos fails to be listed as a hazardous substance by the Convention for the sixth time.

IndustriALL demonstrates against asbestos on 28 April

28 April, 2017On 28 April, the International Day to Commemorate Dead and Injured Workers, IndustriALL Global Union affiliate trade unions from all corners of the globe demonstrated in Geneva, Switzerland, demanding an end to the asbestos trade.

IndustriALL campaign against asbestos targets Rotterdam Convention

11 April, 2017IndustriALL Global Union continued its campaign to end the deadly asbestos trade in a meeting with a top official from the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland on 10 April. 

Help us stop the asbestos trade

13 March, 2017IndustriALL Global Union is calling on affiliates to take action to help stop the deadly trade in asbestos. Please download the letter to send to your government. 

Global union action against asbestos

13 May, 2015IndustriALL Global Union and its trade union affiliates from as far as Australia have been campaigning in Geneva, Switzerland this week in the fight to ban asbestos worldwide. 

Global campaign against asbestos targets UN

5 May, 2015A global trade union campaign to stop the deadly trade in chrysotile asbestos is underway as the United Nations prepares to vote on whether to add the toxic mineral to a list of dangerous substances. 

Eternit owners’ crime judged expired and non-prosecutable in Italy

27 November, 2014On 19 November 2014 the public prosecutor of the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation has overturned the Turin court decision condemning the Swiss billionaire Stephan Schmidheiny, one of the owners of Eternit Group, claiming the sentence is not applicable because of the long period of time that has passed since the crime took place.

Asbestos is a killer

14 July, 2014Unions make work safer!