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Union forced out of May Day celebrations in Zimbabwe

3 May, 2024Five trade unionists from the Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Minerals Workers Union (ZDAMWU) were threatened and chased away at gun point by more than 20 thugs, while they were setting up for the Workers Day celebrations at a stadium at Bikita Minerals on 1 May. 

Mercedes workers stand up!

2 May, 2024On 13-17 May, workers at the Mercedes plant in Alabama, USA - the only Mercedes plant in the world without union representation - will for the first time vote for a union. According to US legislation, it takes a majority of the workforce to vote in favour of an election for it to take place. In a blatant show of disrespect for democracy and fundamental workers’ rights, the employer is engaging in heavy, scare-mongering union busting to influence the upcoming vote.

Pharmatec Pakistan unlawfully fires workers

26 April, 2024Contrary to a court order, 22 union members of the Pakistan Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine, and General Workers Union (PCEM), affiliated to IndustriALL, have been fired by their employer, Pharmatec Pakistan.

The stronger the union, the safer the workplace

25 April, 2024A staggering more than 3 million workers die every year because of their work, and tens of millions are injured. Health and safety in the workplace is a crucial right, all too often ignored, which is why IndustriALL has put the spotlight on both failures and successes in the month leading up to 28 April, International Workers’ Memorial Day. 

Amazon: Stop free-riding on worker safety, sign the Accord today!

25 April, 2024IndustriALL Global Union and Uni Global Union are calling on Amazon to sign the International Accord for Health and Safety in the Textile and Garment Industry.

Rana Plaza anniversary: MEPs must support due diligence today!

23 April, 2024Today, marks the anniversary of the 2013 industrial homicide that killed more than 1,100 people and injured thousands more, as the Rana Plaza collapsed onto garment workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This year, the anniversary coincides with the final vote in the European Parliament on the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive, which, if adopted, would make the respect of environmental standards, human rights including workers’ rights mandatory along global value chains.

Respect ILO standards in EU-Thailand Free Trade Agreement

22 April, 2024IndustriALL Global Union and industriALL European Trade Union calls on the European Union (EU) to ensure that International Labour Standards are respected in the EU-Thailand Free Trade Agreement negotiations.

Shipping companies’ lifeline to Myanmar junta demonstrates disdain for human rights

22 April, 2024Unions slam shipping giants for sustaining regime, including Maersk’s hollow claim of performing ‘heightened human rights due diligence’.

Lesotho union takes Adient Automotive to labour tribunal for union busting

18 April, 2024The Independent Democratic Union of Lesotho (IDUL) is taking vehicle seat manufacturing Adient Automotive to the Directorate of Dispute Prevention and Resolution (DDRP) – the kingdom’s labour tribunal – for union busting and violating trade union rights to collective bargaining.

Promoting social dialogue and industrial relations in Moroccan TGSL sector

5 April, 2024On 2 March in continuation of the joint work program, a national meeting was held in Casablanca to develop social dialogue and industrial relations in the textile, clothing, and footwear sector in Morocco. The meeting was held with representatives of IndustriALL, national contact point of OECD, the ministry of industry and trade, employers and textile unions from both the Moroccan Labor Confederation and the Democratic Confederation of Labor.