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IndustriALL signs GFA with the Renault Group

3 July, 2013Industriall Global Union, the Renault Group and the Renault Group Works’ Council jointly commit to promote workers’ rights and sustainable development

The global framework agreement (GFA) signed on 2 July 2013 in Paris follows on from  the “Declaration of Employees’ Fundamental Rights” dated 2 October 2004.  The signing ceremony took place on the occasion of the annual meeting of the Group Works’ Council which this year coincided with the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Committee.  

The new agreement consolidates the company’s commitments to ILO’s labour standards, including freedom of association and neutrality, and contains a number of major improvements in particular concerning skills, training, health and safety, and diversity. The wording on the responsibility of suppliers and subcontractors has been significantly strengthened and the respect for fundamental rights identified as a determining criterion in their selection.  The agreement also incorporates new commitments to environmental protection and sustainable development, as well as improved provisions on implementation and follow-up.  A committee composed of representatives of IndustriALL and management as well as members of the Works’ Council has been established to monitor the GFA’s effective implementation.  

In addition, the text opens the way for other global thematic agreements to be negotiated with IndustriALL in the future. IndustriALL’s General Secretary Jyrki Raina praised the major improvements to the 2004 Declaration and the open and constructive atmosphere that prevailed during the whole negotiating process.   In a joint press release he stated “The agreement contains significant improvements in the area of fundamental labour rights, notably concerning freedom of association, of health and safety, training and the environment.  IndustriALL applauds  Renault’s strong commitment to advance these rights at its suppliers and subcontractors and promote social dialogue at global level.”  Marie-Françoise Damesin  Executive Vice President, Human  Resources for the Renault group, said: “ I welcome the agreement, which reflects Renault’s commitment to corporate, social and environmental responsibility. It is the result of a responsible social dialogue built over 20 years internationally.” Jocelyne Andreu, Secretary of the Renault Group Works’ Council, expressed her satisfaction, saying “ This agreement is the result of several months of discussions and it symbolizes mature employer/employee dialogue. I am sure that its implementation will be a powerful lever for progress and success for the company and its employees”.

The Renault Group manufactures vehicles under three brands - Renault, Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors - and has an alliance with Nissan since 1999.  It operates in 118 countries with 38 production sites and employs 127,000 people worldwide.  In 2012 the Alliance inaugurated a plant in Tangier, Morocco, that is expected to have some 6,000 workers by 2015.

This new agreement is part of IndustriALL’s Action Plan, which calls for the establishment of regular social dialogue at global level to enable constructive industrial relations leading to global level negotiations.