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IndustriALL signs quality of working life agreement with Renault

9 July, 2019Groupe Renault, its Group Works Council and IndustriALL Global Union have signed a precedent-setting global agreement on quality of working life.

The global agreement - "Building the world of work together within Groupe Renault” - was signed between Thierry Bolloré, chief executive officer of Renault, Valter Sanches, General Secretary of IndustriALL, the French trade union federations and the other trade union federations or unions represented within the group committee, and Eric Vidal, secretary of the group committee.

The agreement, signed by the ten trade union federations or unions represented in the Group Works Council, provides a basis for structuring social dialogue, both at Group and local level. It offers the possibility and encourages the launching of new initiatives, as well as finding relevant pragmatic solutions to improve employees' life at work, through the negotiation of local agreements.

 "I'm proud that Renault is signing such an innovative agreement, ensuring that our teams around the world will work in a safer, more attractive environment that respects the balance between professional and personal life." 

- Thierry Bolloré, Renault CEO


“New propulsion systems and digitization are massively transforming the working environment and we must prepare for this change in social terms.  This agreement allows our unions around the world to deal with these changes in a negotiated way. In particular, it provides for the development of the necessary skills for each employee, thus ensuring that today's workers are still employed tomorrow.”

- Valter Sanches, general secretary of IndustriALL

Through a sustainable approach, the new agreement addresses many aspects of life at work, and particularly those that enable employees to combine performance and well-being. 

This approach, which involves all the Group's employees, is based on five fundamental principles:

  • A dialogue on the evolution of the world of work
  • A collaborative management system
  • A sustainable commitment to inclusion
  • Work-life balance
  • Adaptation of the working environment

This new agreement complements the global framework agreement signed on July 2, 2013, "Committing together for sustainable growth and development". It confirms the Group's commitment to respect fundamental social rights and incorporates the Convention adopted this year by the ILO to combat violence and harassment at work. 

"The agreement puts into practice one of the conclusions of the ILO's centenary: the future of work is not written in advance, it depends on what the labour actors will do with it, particularly through social dialogue. I welcome the signatories of this agreement who are part of this voluntarist and positive perspective with regard to the challenges of labour transformation."

- Guy Ryder, director general of the ILO

"This new agreement paves the way, within the framework of local social dialogue, for concrete actions on the ground for the daily lives of Groupe Renault employees around the world. Thus, this new agreement makes it possible to reconcile economic performance for the company and social performance for Groupe Renault employees."

- Eric Vidal, group committee