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PROFILE: Divided we beg, united we bargain, says Eswatini union

14 December, 2021Some of the pillars that are key to building a strong union are workers unity and collective bargaining, says the Amalgamated Trade Union of Swaziland (ATUSWA) which is affiliated to IndustriALL Global Union. The union organizing strategy is anchored on fighting for the unity of workers, workers’ rights, and living wages. In that sense, the union is living up to its slogan: Divided we beg, united we bargain.

PROFILE: FESITEX united workers in Nicaragua

14 December, 2021The National Federation of Unions of the Textile, Garment, Leather and Footwear Industries (FESITEX) in Nicaragua organize workers in textile, garment, leather and footwear companies at national level. FESITEX currently centres its attention on Nicaragua’s Free Trade Zones, organizing the so-called maquila workers. Some of the union’s main issues are negotiating ratification of ILO C190 and reform of the social security law.

REPORT: Why telework needs institutional regulation and collective bargaining

17 May, 2021IndustriALL launches consultation on guidelines for negotiating telework

PROFILE: Industrial Chile Constramet’s leading role in the process of drafting a new Constitution

11 May, 2021Industrial Chile-Constramet celebrated 40 years of defending workers’ rights in December last year. The union is currently playing a leading role in a historic moment for Chile; the process of drafting a new Constitution.

REPORT: Latin American unions look for ways to push for reindustrialization

7 May, 2021IndustriALL affiliates in Latin America and the Caribbean have come up with a sector-based political and union agenda to promote regional reindustrialization, focusing on sustainable development and ensuring a fair transition to a low-carbon economy

SPECIAL REPORT: Campaigning for safer working conditions in Zimbabwe’s artisanal and small-scale mining

6 May, 2021Campaigns by trade unions, civil society organizations and mine affected communities for the formalization of artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) are meant to end the deadly working conditions of the miners in Zimbabwe. In addition, formalization will introduce decent working conditions.

PROFILE: Shipbreaking workers’ union moves forward in India

3 May, 2021The Alang Sosiya Ship Recycling and General Workers Association (ASSRGWA) is a successful example of organizing India’s informal sector workers. The union has contributed to improving wages, social security measures and occupational health and safety (OHS), in what is often called the world’s most dangerous industry. 

PROFILE: Supporting Sweden’s pulp and paper workers

28 April, 2021Compared to other Swedish unions, Pappers is relatively small and only organize workers in one industry. But the 13,500 members represent around 95 per cent of all workers in Sweden’s pulp factories and paper mills.


23 April, 2021Trade unions have only been allowed in Myanmar since 2012, when the country took its first steps away from a military regime towards democracy. However, in February this year, the military took back power in a coup d’état.   

Valter Sanches: Welcome to the Global Worker (#1-2021)

22 April, 2021It has been over a year since large parts of the world ground to a halt as our lives were overcome by the Covid-19 pandemic. The virus is still wreaking havoc, and hospitalizations and deaths continue. By the time we close this edition the world counts more than 140 million cases and more than 3 million deaths. The social consequences follow with the elimination of over 300 million formal jobs and 1.6 million informal ones.